Camping Gear Review Portable Solar Generator

Today I am reviewing the Portable Solar 155wh Generator by Aimtom. We have a diverse mix of campers, hikers, and travelers here and whether you have a large class A motorhome or travel and camp by car and tent I think that you might find this product useful and I give it a thumbs up!

This lightweight little powerhouse is great for any type of travel or camping. It’s small and light enough to put in your backpack or even carry by hand. It contains a lithium rechargeable battery that you can recharge by hooking up to a small portable solar panel, to a 12v car lighter, or directly to a wall outlet. You can then charge or run your cell phone, tablet, laptop, fans, cpap, air pump, car fridge, and other small items. There are 3 usb, 3 12v dc, and a standard ac plug outlet. It also has a fantastic flashlight.This little generator is especially useful when primitive or dry camping.

Living in Florida these would also be helpful during the storm season. It is small and solar powered so no gas needed and it can be brought inside the house to charge your phone or run a fan at night.

The portable solar panels are sold separately however you can also buy other packages that come with them and there are of course larger more powerful packages as well. You can find this particular one on Amazon and there are several other highly recommended brands such as Jackery and Goal Zero. I haven’t tried those brands yet but they have great reviews. Just search for solar powered generators and you will have several to choose from.

I want to mention that I am not affiliated with this company or receiving any payment from them

Please comment below and let us know if you use a solar generator when you camp.

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Happy camping and live a blessed life my friends.

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