Mobile Monday Multi Purpose Mobile Desk Tray

Do you travel for work or like to car camp and need a table top or tray to hold your computer, tablet, or plate? Most of the time when camping we can use a folding table or picnic table outside. However if you car camp inside your car or have a mobile office this multi purpose tray/ desk comes in handy. It can be hung from the steering wheel or from the back of the headrests in the back seat or just propped on your lap. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and yet stable enough to put your laptop, phone, tablet or plate of food. There is also a side slide out with room for your mouse and a drink. I have also seen folks hang it outside of their car from the door for an extra camping tabletop. It is adjustable for different heights and angles. I give this cool gadget a thumbs up. I love mine. Be sure to read the specs on weights and size. I have no affiliation to this company and am not sponsored or paid by them. This is just my opinion and review on a great mobile working and camping gadget.

Let us know if you have one or even a DIY version. We would love to hear your comments.

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