Vision board questions

Have you started your vision board yet? Last week I got a few questions about how to create vision boards, thier purpose, and if they really work.

First I just want to mention that there are many ways to create a vision board and you can find all types of advice, instructions and examples out on the internet. Check out Pinterest, they have tons of ideas. Personalize it to your dreams and goals. There are also plenty of other resources and even celebrities that talk about their vision or dream boards and how they credit thier achievements in part to creating thier vision board.

Is it expensive? Not at all. You can find all the necessary supplies at the dollar store or even free. You can use a foam board style or journal style and you will be cutting pictures from magazines and printing pictures or writing. The cost is very minimal. You could even create one on your cell phone or tablet. Just be sure to keep it somewhere that you will see it every day to keep you focused on your dreams.

Does it work? Does it help you manifest your every dream and desire? I believe that it can but more importantly I believe that it can move you, inspire you, help to open your mind to change, and give you focus on a more positive life.

The most beautiful vision board I’ve ever seen was the one that we created for our mom when she was diagnosed with cancer. It was of course a very emotional journey for all of us. We propped it up where she could see it every day. We would post pictures and cards and positive affirmations. It became a place where the grandkids could leave her messages. She loved for me to read the messages to her over and over again. You will always be our sunshine Mom.

So all you Gottacampgirls out there…get your poster boards or journals and get started. Get out those pictures and magazines and start creating. What do you want in your life? A new camper? A farm house? A new job or vacation? Travel? Living simply? Healthier life? Cut out a picture of that dream and paste away! Have any tips or ideas? Post them here. We want to hear your comments and ideas. Have you had success from using a vision board? Tell us about it.

Happy creating and live a blessed life my friends!

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