Window Netting for Car Camping

Camping Gear Review– Window Netting for Car/SUV/Van/Truck Camping
Window netting is a necessity when car/suv/truck camping. You can DIY and make netting for your windows by using netting and velcro or magnets to hold the netting in place. We recommend using the finer netting to keep out both the mosquitos and no see ums here in Florida. Instructions can be found on Pinterest or just by looking up DIY car window netting for camping.
You can also purchase mesh netting that slides over the car window online. We purchased one from Amazon and it worked very well. It is a universal size for all cars. The mesh was very small so it will keep out even the smallest of bugs. The dark color adds a bit of tinting affect as well which helps with blocking some of the sunlight. This product is easy to use and store away. The cost was minimal for a pack of two. We highly recommend these window nettings from Amazon. This is of course only our personal opinion and not a paid advertisement nor any affiliation with the manufacturer or seller. Please be sure to send in your reviews of any camping gear.

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